Face to Face Appointments

You may have seen in the media articles concerning GP appointments and patients being able to request face to face appointments hence we would like to clarify the situation in relation to Studholme Medical Centre.

Firstly, our Practice has been open through- out the pandemic and we are very grateful for the relentless work that has been done and continues to be done by all our staff.

When a medical request is received from a patient either via our website or via our reception team completing a form on behalf of a patient, the request is reviewed by a clinician and the patient will receive a telephone call or email message. The clinician will assess how to best help the patient and if a face to face consultation is required the patient will be invited to attend the Practice.

Face to face appointments are based on and will continue to be based on clinical assessment. Previously a patient would need to wait 3 weeks or more to speak to a clinician as our appointment book was filled with patients who booked a face to face appointment for matters that could be attended to by other means like a telephone call. Historically patients have needed to wait up to 3 weeks to speak to a clinician whereas now, for most medical enquiries, patients are contacted within 2 working days.