Changes to GP Services as a result of the accelerated COVID-19 Booster Programme

Following the government announcement on Sunday 12th December regarding the need to rapidly accelerate the COVID-19 booster campaign, we wanted to let you know about how this will be affecting our services during this time.

As you will have heard from the recent media coverage, our staff, along with those of all GP practices across the country, will be focusing much of their attention to support the vaccination effort. Many of our staff have been diverted to work at the Covid Centre, to help with patient enquiries and to help clinically review patients. This means we have less staff working at the Practice and hence many of our routine services are either postponed or not available at the moment. Please bare this in mind that requests will take longer to process. A better option may be to use the self- help services on our website, consult with a GP via the Liv app or visit your Pharmacy.

We thank you for your understanding.

About vaccination appointments

Vaccination services are working extremely hard to roll out the booster programme and to make as many appointments available as possible.

After the announcement by the Prime Minister on 12th December, the National Booking Service is very busy but please keep checking; more appointments are being added all the time.

You may also, over the next few days, be contacted by the local service covid service.

You must be 2 months from the date of your second vaccination to arrange your booster  and you will be able to have it when you are three months from your second vaccination.

The best step if you are at 2 months from the date of your second vaccination is to go on the National Booking System website or call 119  and there you will be able to see all the available appointments.

Additional appointments are being added daily, please be patient and try again if you are unable to find an appointment to suit you.

All of the vaccination services are working at pace to increase the number of appointments they can offer.