Non NHS Work

Private Referrals

Requests for private referrals are mostly precipitated by the need or wish of the patient/s to be seen by a consultant earlier than what the NHS can provide. There are may be cases when patient’s private insurance cover is not sufficient for long term care or if patient is unable to continue to pay for private visits. Patients in this cases, can go back to their GP to request for an NHS referral to continue their treatment.

When requesting for Private Referrals, the patient needs to send us a request via our website and then we can consider the request. Please include the following information please:

  • Condition for which this private referral is requested for
  • Name of the Consultant and speciality
  • Name of the Hospital / Private Clinic including address
  • Any information regarding the date and time of their appointment if known.
  • Patient must state that they are privately insured ( name of the health insurance company )
  • If not Privately Insured, to note that Patient is Fee –Paying

Private Referral Letter/s will be released to the patient (Sent by post to your registered address) after 3 working days.

There is no fee for Private Referral Letters.

The patient should arrange their appointment with the private consultant this cannot be done by the Practice. Once a private appointment is arranged, should the patient fail to attend they must re-arranged their own private appointment. The practice cannot follow up private appointments on your behalf.

Private Medical Services

We offer a range of Non NHS funded medical services. Please see the attached list of what we offer: